Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Middle East peace ‘in a year’”, The Guardian, 3Sep10 September 3, 2010

The Guardian (online): “Middle Peace ‘in a year’” by Chris McGreal, 3 September 2010

I am astounded by the media frenzy around the Washington theatre of the absurd being presented for our amusement this week.

We have a democratic leader of the “free world” parlaying with an unelected Palestinian patsy who is apparently hoping that the leopard of Israel will suddenly change his spots and start complying with International law, and two vultures standing on the side watching and waiting to see if there will be any leftovers that will come their way when the partisan so-called negotiators have finished dividing up the spoils of the land once called Palestine.

Netanyahu, like many before him, gets away with the demand that everyone recognises Israel as the Jewish state. “The” Jewish state?
The “Jewish” state? . Does he intend a theocracy? Even Iran does not claim to be “the” Islamic state. They may call themselves “An” Islamic state, but not “the” Islamic state.

Palestinians do not demand that their state becomes “the” Islamic state or “the” Christian state.

You see, the thing is that Christianity, Islam and Judaism are religions. There are people of those faiths who have many different national identities. In the states they live in, they share that national identity with people of other faiths. That is the way it is in modern democratic societies.

The conflict that exists in Palestine/Israel today has one root cause. It would not be this way except for colonialisation and settlement instigated, aided and abetted by European invaders and settlers.

Two facts need to be recognised.
1. European settlers have no inherent right to the lands that are the subject of the Palestine /Israel conflict.
2. Racism and discrimination were the underpinnings that Europeans used to convince themselves that they were permitted, perhaps even obligated,  to steal and plunder whatever land they wanted for themselves. This included Palestinian lands. They absolutely denied that Palestinians had any rights including the right to make decisions regarding their own future. European arrogance saw the Palestinians are inferiors. They were dirty natives. And all of the other epithets that colonial invaders used to excuse their behaviour towards indigenous inhabitants that they murdered, enslaved and dispossessed, to enrich themselves. It happened in North America and in my country.

So it was with Palestine.

So when I see reports of Netanyahu saying that he wants peace and that he only wants the two pillars of peace as prerequisites to the talks-recognition of Israel’s right to exist as “the Jewish state” and to be safe from any possible attack from any Palestinian state, but has never recognised that Palestinians have a right to their state, which actually includes Israel, or that they have a right to be safe from attack from an Israeli state, I feel nauseous.

You see, conflict can end with surrender. It can end with elimination or extermination of one side. Or it can end when there is recognition of an injustice done and recompense made. That latter however can only happen when the injustices are no longer continuing.

That is not the situation in Palestine/Israel.

The injustices are ongoing.
The denial of the original sin, the original crime, is ongoing.

The racism, discrimination and illegal activity including breaches of international law are ongoing.

Palestine is the world’s greatest modern injustice. It has sadly led to other terrible modern injustices. Yet the faceless men and the hollow men choose not to see this.
And so they keep on performing their charade, their farce, their theatre of the absurd while ordinary innocent men women and children continue to suffer. If we fail to speak up about this we should all be very ashamed.

We certainly would all be complicit if we maintain our silence.”

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