Dr Vacy Vlazna (NSW) writes to the ABC’S Foreign Correspondent re biased screening of “Death in the Med” 12Sep10 September 12, 2010

Foreign Correspondent’s showing of Corbin’s highly controversial  Death in
the Med
was a  deliberate decision to deliver  pro-Israeli bias and
misinformation to the Australian  public given previously the BBC had
received countless protests regarding the bias. The ABC’s deliberate
pro-Israeli bias is further confirmed by its recent decision to pull Inka
Stafrace’s important documentary , Hope in a Slingshot.

Gaza-Collision Course aka Death in the Med shamefully disrespects the
innocent victims of the Israeli aggression (and their families) shown here

and disrespects the right of the Australian public to be presented with the

I submit to the ABC the following questions that were presented to the BBC
and request answers from the ABC.

Why was Israel’s ‘right’ to board the ship presumed throughout the

Why did the programme completely fail to mention that Israel’s siege of Gaza
has been declared illegal by the UN? The assumption was made that Israel has
the right to blockade Gaza, while the motives of those attempting to break
an illegal blockade were questioned.

Why did Jane Corbin not mention the bombs, rockets and white phosphorus
dropped on Gaza by Israel during Operation Cast Lead over a three week
period in 2008/9, killing 1,400 people? She did, however, mention the
‘thousands of rockets’ fired from Gaza into Israel, but did not say over
what time period.

Why was the Israeli evidence of how and when they killed the activists
unquestioned? Activists who were on the top deck of the ship say the first
person was killed – shot from a helicopter – before any Israeli had even
landed on the deck. However, none of these activists were interviewed.

Activists shot footage of the Israeli attack, but their cameras, laptops and
other recording equipment was taken by the Israelis and has not been
returned. Why was this point not raised during the programme, or put to the
Israeli spokespeople?

Why were the autopsy reports – which reveal that each victim was shot
several times at close range, in a way that can’t constitute self-defence -
not used, or even mentioned?

Why was there no footage of the Israeli assaults on the activists – which
led to nine deaths?

Jane Corbin never questions the use of the word ‘terrorists’ to describe the
activists, or their alleged willingness to attack the commandoes. Why does
she then fail to examine why there were no fatalities or serious injuries
among the Israeli commandoes, when these ‘terrorists’ were so willing to

Why were there no interviews with any of the British activists on board the
ship, or with any of the journalists who were on board?

Why was it not pointed out that the IDF has admitted doctoring the audio
footage used in the programme, that the BBC claims was broadcast from the
captain’s deck?

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