Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to Fisk’s “Nine years, two wars, hundreds of thousands dead – nothing learnt” 11Sep10 September 11, 2010

The Independent: “Nine years, two wars, hundreds of thousands dead – and nothing learnt” by Robert Fisk, 11 September 2010

“I refer to the article by Robert Fisk on 11/9/2010.

He asks whether or not the attacks on the 11th September 2001 made us all go mad. I certainly understand the frustration that may lay beneath his need to ask that question. I also agree with him that we should not have been surprised at what it would lead to. The “why” question that did get asked and how it was answered.

And how it was not.

I never expected that the USA would ask the why question that needed to be asked. They asked “Why do they hate us” and came up with comforting replies:” because they hate our freedoms”;” because they hate our democracy” and so on. They certainly did not however involve themselves in some soul-searching about their abuse and exploitation across the globe which coupled with an unquestioning arrogant regard for themselves was bound to get up the snouts of more than a few people. Ordinary people who saw the lie for what it was.
There were others who observed their answer to that why question, those who wedded it to iconic and mirror images that spoke about might being right- via the B47, the massive military-industrial complex and tailored their own assets into a car bomb or a hijacked plane because that was the only model the great and powerful country had offered them as the way to attain control over their lives and their countries. The only way to act in “defence”.

In the years since 2001 the USA has continued to lead the way.

Now we also know that if you don’t want to be walked over, bulldozed over, bombed and invaded, you had better have some real WMDS. Ergo proliferation of nuclear ambitions. Ergo militants and mercenaries where states refuse to or appear unable to stand up to US threat, invasion, occupation and control.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, maybe its flattering to the USA when other entities begin imitating the powerful enemy.
Because, by now most of them have realised that the USA will never get it. The real answer about why 11/9 happened.

They know the USA will not listen.

They can see that the Americans really believe they are an exceptional people, and that the rules others must comply with are not meant for them, and that they have rights that others don’t even dare to dream of having.

The right to be immune from prosecution in the ICC for War crimes.

The right never to have to pay reparations for destruction and death through bombing or from contamination caused by chemical and biological weapons.

The right not to permit former prisoners and other victims to have access to evidence of the crimes committed against them, whether that is to do with murder, rape, kidnapping, abduction, torture or illegal invasion because it might imperil national security.

The right to keep secret so-called evidence to be used against those they accuse of terrorism.

Can you imagine what the world will be like in twenty years time?

When all those who see no other alternative, and all those who just decide well if they can, why not us, just do it?

By that time, many of the rights that the civilised world has built up over centuries, rights to do with due process, rights to do with protecting the individual from their rulers, rights of free speech ( and thought), association will have vanished. Some already have.

No freedom of speech. No free movement. No right to demand to see the search warrant.

All of this is happening while at the same time a distorted presentation of how things are- about how much “we” want peace, and how much we respect “your” rights and how much “we” want to resolve the Middle East question is beguiling us into believing that really they are trying to do the right thing, aren’t they?

Well, no. They are not.

What they are doing, and now we are full circle, is continuing to lie to the people of the world while they continue to grab as much of the world’s resources for their own use, while they build up their WMDS while banning any potential rival from doing the same, and while they say they feel pain about the innocent dead and all the time keep on sending out the drones, maintaining increasing their military bases , surging their soldiers…

Why are you hated? You still don’t know?

While the American empire is collapsing, don’t be surprised if the American people will still be asking,” Why do you hate us?”

And will still not be able to work out what the real answer is.”

Please thank Robert for his article…..again.

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