Seven million of the 11 million Palestinians are refugees or displaced people.  Israeli war criminals and US officials complicit in ethnic cleansing meet in fancy hotels to claim they are “negotiating” for peace (while in the meantime giving green light to further ethnic cleansing and destruction of Palestinian lives to strengthen the apartheid system….

Israeli colonial officers destroy the Bedouin village of Al-Araqib in the Negev for the fifth time (the village existed in this location before Israel was created in 1948) VIDEO

Colonial apartheid soldiers seal shops in Hebron to add to hundreds of shops closed because illegal settlers took over nearby buildings.  Video and story by Israeli human Rights group B’Tselem

Must Read: Where has the hypocrisy gone? Amira Hass in Haaretz

No one thinks to ask about the consensus among the residents of Palestinian cities and villages on whose land the settlements have been built. The millions of Palestinians don’t count at all.

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics released a report showing the number of settlers in the West Bank reached 517,774

But popular resistance is growing and more people are getting involved. There is widening gap between government officials and the people around the world on this issue. Millions of activists are being mobilized for the boycotts, divestments and sanctions movement and as the negotiations lead nowhere, the apartheid system is being exposed more.  It will happen just as suddenly and unexpectedly as the fall of apartheid in South Africa. Your involvement can help.

Action: Sign petition Ban Israel from the 2012 Olympics

Example of the thousands of lectures and events organized around the world.

Houston Conference for One Democratic State October 22-24, 2010

Present Resolving the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict: Why One Democratic State Is the Best Solution
featured speakers:  Joel Kovel& Norton Mezvinsky

Wednesday, October 27 – 7:30 p.m. at the Brecht Forum, 51 West Street (between Bank & Bethune Streets, New York, NY 10014 – Phone: (212) 242-4201 Email

Join Professors Joel Kovel and Norton Mezvinsky as each presents his respective argument for a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Kovel will argue that a two-state solution cannot solve the conflict, because it continues the Jewish ethno-chauvinism that lies at the core of Zionism.

Mezvinsky will propose that a democratic and just two-state solution is highly unlikely to occur and that the presently constructed one state can and must be changed by an emphasis upon and implementation of fair and equal human rights for all inhabitants of the state.

Discussion to follow.

Sliding scale: $6/$10/$15
Free for Brecht Forum Subscribers

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home

Professor, Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities

Mazin Qumsiyeh teaches and does research at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine. He previously served on the faculties of the University of Tennessee, Duke and Yale Universities. He served on the board/steering/executive committees of a number of groups including Peace Action Education Fund, the US Campaign to End the Occupation, the Palestinian American Congress, Association for One Democratic State in Israel/Palestine, and He is now president of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People. He advised many other groups including Sommerville Divestment Project, Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project, Palestine Freedom Project, Sabeel North America, and National Council of Churches of Christ USA. He is an active member of a number of human rights groups (Amnesty, Peace action, Human Rights Watch, ACLU etc.). He published several books of which the most acclaimed “Sharing the Land of Canaan: human rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle” which was also translated to Spanish.

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