ARTERY OF LIFE 5: convoy arrives in Paris September 21, 2010

IMEMC -  19 September 2010

The “Artery of Life 5” solidarity convoy heading to the Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian supplies, arrived in Paris on Sunday, and was welcomed by hundreds of French peace activists and Palestinians living in France.

Zaher Beerawy, convoy spokesperson, stated that the activists are carrying medical and humanitarian supplies in order to send them to the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip.

The Euro-Palestine institution in France has organized several activities to welcome the activists, including a meeting in Penoleh city in France.

Penoleh is a twin city to Sabra and Shatilla Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon; the two camps commemorated Saturday September 18th the anniversary of 1982’s massacre committed by the Israeli forces and their allies.

Beerawy stated that the flotilla will be heading Monday to Leon French city before heading to Italy.

The Flotilla started its trip on Sunday after a ceremony held in front of the British Parliament in London; activists from Australia, London, Malaysia, the USA. Canada and Ireland are determined to reach Gaza to express solidarity with the besieged coastal region and deliver humanitarian supplies.

Artery Of Life Starts Its Trip From London

IMEMC -  19 September 2010

The Artery Of Life 5 solidarity flotilla had officially kicked of its trip to the Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian supplies and challenge Israel’s 4-year old illegal siege on the coastal region.

Spokesperson of the flotilla, Zaher Al Beerawi, stated that the flotilla started its trip on Saturday after an official ceremony near Big Ben Tower in London.

Al Beerawi added that flotilla will be heading to France for one night in order to meet with a number of civil society institutions participating in the trip before heading to Leon in Italy then Greece, Turkey then Syria.

They are scheduled to reach the Syrian shores by October 1st or 2nd. Participants will be meeting with Arab and African activists.
The flotilla will carry 200 cars and 400 activists; it will then be sailing from Syria to Al Arish Port in Egypt before attempting to reach the Rafah Terminal to cross into the Gaza Strip.

Al Beerawi said that, so far, there is no coordination with Egypt regarding allowing the convoy to cross into Gaza, but added that the Rafah Terminal is supposedly open, therefore there should be no obstacles.

Yet he added that, before leaving Syria, flotilla organizers will be contacting the Egyptian Authorities in order to provide them with all needed information.

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