IRELAND: Dublin City Council motion condemns Israel’s attack on Gaza flotilla 20Sep10 September 21, 2010

Ireland-Palestine  Solidarity Campaign  Press Release,  Monday 20th September 2010, 9pm

Dublin City Council motion condemns Israel’s attack  on Gaza Flotilla, calls for support for second flotilla and Irish  boat. Motion also calls on the Irish Government to review  arms purchases & EU trading links with Israel Ireland-Palestine  Solidarity Campaign  Press Release,  Monday 20th September 2010, 9pm

The Ireland-Palestine  Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) tonight welcomed a motion passed by Dublin City  Council which condemned “the Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla’s  aid mission that resulted in deaths and injuries of many of those  attempting to bring much needed aid” to the besieged Gaza Strip and called  for support for the Irish Ship To Gaza campaign and the Second Freedom  Flotilla due to depart in late October. The motion further called on the  Irish Government to review the purchases of military equipment from  Israel, and to discontinue the EU’s preferential trade agreement with  Israel.

The full motion, tabled by Sinn Fein Councillor  Criona Ní Dhálaigh, seconded by Labour’s Killian Forde and  passed unanimously, is appended to this press release below[1]. A second  motion, tabled by Lord Mayor Gerry Breen of Fine Gael, tasking the  Council to “examine the possibility of twinning with Gaza City” was  referred to the Protocol Committee for further  discussion.

Welcoming the motion, IPSC National Chairperson  Freda Hughes said: “The IPSC would like to congratulate Dublin City  Council for adopting this motion. As representatives of the people of  Dublin, we believe you have accurately echoed the feelings of anger and  demands for accountability that we witnessed on the streets of Dublin and  nationwide, and in the letters pages of the Irish media in the aftermath  of the Israeli commando hijacking of the Freedom Flotilla and the MV  Rachel Corrie in May and June.”

Ms Hughes continued: “This  is an extremely positive motion, and we are glad that the Council will be  supporting the humanitarian Second Freedom Flotilla and the plans to send  an Irish ship as part of it on this civil society to civil society  mission. The IPSC reiterates the call from Dublin City Council for the  Irish government not to grant military contracts to Israeli arms companies  and to press at EU level for Israel‘s suspension from the Euro-Med  Agreement until such time as it abides by its human rights obligations  under Article 2 of that agreement.”

Ms Hughes  concluded: “The IPSC would again like to commend Dublin City Council  for taking another principled stand for the rights of the Palestinian  people[2], and would especially like to thank Cllr. Ní Dhalaigh for  tabling this important motion. We would also like to thank Lord Mayor  Breen for introducing the possibility of twinning Dublin with Gaza, and  hope the discussion of the protocol committee to which the motion has been  referred will have a positive outcome.”

Notes for  editors

[1] The full motion  reads as follows:  Tabled by: COUNCILLOR  CRÍONA NÍ DHÁLAIGH (Sinn Fein) This Council condemns  the Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla’s aid mission that  resulted in deaths and injuries of many of those attempting to bring much  needed aid to the besieged Strip, which has been subject to an illegal  Israeli blockade for nearly four years. Commends those Irish  citizens who participated in this humanitarian mission to bring 10,000  tones of aid to the Palestinian people, in the beleaguered region of  Gaza.  Supports the Irish  Ship to Gaza Campaign and the sending of another Irish ship to participate  in the Second Freedom Flotilla in October 2010. Recognising that this  attack was an affront to international law and has endangered the lives of  Irish citizens, calls on the Irish Government not to purchase arms and  ammunition from Israeli weapons manufacturers for the Irish Defence  Forces, to use its influence internationally to end the siege of Gaza and  to discontinue the EU’s preferential trade agreement with Israel; and to  further support and seek the backing of other countries for the new  international aid mission to Gaza which will ensure that necessary vital  supplies reach the suffering people of that besieged  area.

[2] In May Dublin  City Council passed a resolution calling on the City Manager not to sign  or renew any contracts with French multinational Veolia – the operators of  the LUAS who have also tendered for the Metro North project. Veolia  operate Israeli rail, bus and waste services in the illegally occupied  West Bank, making them complicit in Israel’s contravention of the Fourth  Geneva Convention.

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