Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ “Pressure builds on Israel over settlements”, The Age, 22Sep10 September 22, 2010

The Age:  “Pressure builds on Israel over settlements” by Jason Koutsoukis, 22 September 2010

Pressure builds on Israel over settlements” is the heading given to the
report by Jason Koutsoukis (Sep 22). Really? Nothing in the report indicates
that this is even remotely the case. In fact the opposite is true. The
Palestinians are being pressured by Shimon Peres “not to allow the looming
expiration of the settlement freeze to derail the talks”.

There are very good reasons why Israel wants “peace” talks to proceed and
now wants to hand the Palestinians a “state” (in name only), while grabbing
as much land as possible and entrenching control of the territory via its
settlement matrix that permanently fragments the land and the Palestinian
people in it. But Koutsoukis carefully avoids any discussion of this.

Instead we are meant to infer that the “intransigent” Palestinians are
putting unreasonable pressure on Israel. Never mind that for six decades
they have been denied what is their inalienable human right by international
law, while the whole world conveniently looked the other way and facilitated
the outright theft of their land.

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