Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Bulldozers prepare as deadline on West Bank settlement freeze looms”, The Guardian, 24Sep10 September 24, 2010

The Guardian:  Bulldozers prepare as deadline on West Bank settlement freeze looms” by Rachel Shabi  -  23 September 2010

I wish to comment on the article by Rachel Shabi which is published in the online version dated 23/9/2010.

Firstly, there was never a freeze on Israeli building in the occupied territories. Building has continued.The only constraints are those that the Israeli leadership has temporarily agreed to. One really would have to be naïve if one didn’t ask why they did this, when it is very obvious that they never have and never will recognise the fact that their illegal construction of houses etc for Jewish families on Palestinian land is a crime.

Why would they listen to international entreaties? They never have. Any more than they have compied with international law or UN resolutions.

Because of responses by the world, dominated by the USA, in the past, they believe that they can get away with stealing the rest of Palestine, so long as they make a pretence of seeking peace through so-called peace talks aided and abetted by their chosen and very partisan mediator.

Prime Minister Netenyahu must be laughing up his sleeve. All he needs is a few more years and the question will be superfluous.

In fact I think it already is. I doubt that any two state solution can eventuate. If I am correct there are only two alternatives: completion of the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians, or a one state solution, that gives equal rights to present Israeli citizens and Palestinians.

By the way,  why isn’t the other twin pillar of dispossession mentioned and included in the “freeze”? That is the demolition and destruction of Palestinian homes, farm and other buildings and orchards and crops. That hasn’t been frozen at all. And they both need to be. Not only because they are both illegal and both forbidden under international laws governing genocide etc but because they are an affront to human dignity and moral laws.

The powerful are meeting right now.

Why can’t they just tell Israel stop all construction and all demolitions? Or else sanctions.

Until after the “peace” talks have come to a successful conclusion.

But they won’t agree with that either, will they? Because they do not intend that these peace talks will reach a successful “peace” conclusion. After all its not in Israel’s interests to have anything change at all while everything is going so well for them by keeping on  stalling the peace process as they have been doing for decades.

I wish for once that the disingenuous farce of socalled peace talks were revealed for what they really are: a pretence to cover up collusion with war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel against the rightful owners of the land.

And they are the Palestinians.”

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