Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Arabs ‘must work for peace’”, The Australian, 26Sep10 September 26, 2010

The Australian:  “Arabs ‘must work for peace’, ” , by Brad Norington,  26 September 2010

In telling Arabs they must work for peace, President Obama completely
ignores the 2002 peace offer from the Arab League that only Israel has
rejected. This is pretty much the two-state solution that the whole world,
including the Palestinians, have endorsed as a solution.  It calls for
Israel to retreat to the 1967 borders in return for full recognition by the
Arab states. It is Israel that refuses it, and very overtly, in its ongoing
colonisation of the occupied Palestinian territories, which has undermined
it some would say irretrievably.

It is Israel that refuses to recognise the Palestinians right to their
historical home that must be addressed if peace is to be achieved not the
other way around since they were the ones who were ethnically cleansed from
what was their homeland to make way for a Jewish state in Palestine. And
relentlessly colonising the remaining 22 percent that should make up the
Palestinian state – hardly a fair share in a just world, shows it is the
Israelis who are not working for peace.

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