Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ “Bulldozers return to the West Bank” The Age, 28Sep10 September 28, 2010

The Age: “Bulldozers return to the West Bank” by Jason Koutsoukis, 28 September 2010

Settlement construction and the accompanying confiscation of land and displacement of Palestinians has already greatly prejudiced the final status of the occupied territories to the extent that it now makes a mockery of the “peace” process. The much talked about two-state solution is merely a useful mirage to distract from this ongoing colonisation.

How can there be a two state solution , let alone peace, when Israel continues to dispossess the Palestinians of their land corralling them into ever tightening limited areas of existence thereby ensuring Israeli control over every aspect of their lives?

Israel has had US support and military force allowing them to do this for the last 43 years in defiance of international law and UN resolutions, which strictly forbids the confiscation or annexation of lands under occupation.

Why would you continue building settlements if you are going to give the land back to the Palestinians? It is pretty clear that the Palestinians are being coerced into talks that will not be about restoring land stolen from them but rather forcing them to consent to its theft.

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