Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “US peace push”, The Adelaide Advertiser, 30Sep10 September 30, 2010

I refer to your brief item on page 33: “US peace push”

The US envoy is said to be in Israel to persuade Israel to renew a 10 month “moratorium” on housing construction, something that P.M. Netanyahu has refused to do.

The truth of the situation ought to be obvious to all. But it seems that is not so.

Two truths are incontestable..

Israel has no intention of ceasing illegal construction of settlements and housing units in occupied Palestine.

There never was a freeze on construction.

Some facts your readers may be interested in.

On Saturday, the day before the “freeze” was due to end, Israeli settlers from the illegal Revava settlement installed 20 caravans on land owned by two Palestinian families. That same illegal settlement had the largest rate of growth during the so-called moratorium.

On Sunday Israeli settlers from the illegal outpost of Rommanim in the occupied West Bank began laying foundations for a Jewish school on Palestinian owned land, and near Bethlehem, Israeli settlers from the illegal Noqedim settlement moved mobile homes onto land owned by yet another Palestinian family.

Prior to agreeing to the conditional freeze, the Israeli government and settlers connived to get around the freeze by increasing the approvals and commencements of construction and then exclude these works from the constructions that were said to be frozen. In the second half of 2009, there was a 90% increase in the number of housing units begun in the occupied territories.

On top of this, other categories of construction were deliberately excluded from the freeze.

Maybe the Americans find it convenient to go along with this deception, in an attempt to avoid being seen as complicit in crimes under international law: because, in fact, any construction by Israelis on occupied Palestinian land is illegal under international law.
Australians need to wake up to the truth of what is happening.

Our media and our government bear a responsibility in this.

There should be no more pretence about what Israel is and has been doing, and no more excuses to justify inaction, with the so-called peace processes conveniently providing a cover for the USA which has in effect been permitting the commission of international crimes. Israel should be the subject of condemnation, and UN imposed sanctions are warranted.

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