David Macilwain (VIC) responds to McGeough’s “Let there be light soon” 2Oct10 October 3, 2010

The Age:  “Let there be light soon” by Paul McGeough, 2 October 2010

I was delighted to read Paul McGeogh’s analysis of the Israeli ‘colony’ problem, as well as his first hand account of the Flotilla attack. I would only take issue with the sub-title – ‘Israel is losing the PR battle’ as events from recent weeks show the opposite to be true.

Not only has Israel come out of the showdown over settlement constuction unscathed (even the most sensitive Israeli could not feel scathed by the US’ and the EU’s ‘disappointment’ at the resumption of building works) – but it has continuing success in pretending to the West that this construction does not preclude a Palestinian State.

The remarkable PR machine that perpetrates this fraud that denies Palestinians their territory and human rights could not operate without its agencies in the West, and our own ABC appears now to be one of them.

Following the recent screening of the BBC documentary ‘Death on the Med’ ( about the Flotilla attack) on the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program, I followed the lead of UK supporters of Gaza and wrote a complaint about its alarming pro-Israel bias ( which has been extensively analysed – view Antony Lawson’s film).

Yesterday I received the ABC’s response – the program was ‘scrupulously balanced’ .

So now I wonder, does the ABC reject the finding of the UN commission that some of the Turkish activists on the Mavi Marmara were ‘summarily executed’, and if so how do they square that with the program’s claim that the Israeli commandos were acting in self defence?

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