Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Morris’ “Portraying Palestinians as victims who can do no wrong is one-eyed”, The Australian, 11Oct10 October 11, 2010

The Australian:  “Portraying Palestinians as victims who can do no wrong is one-eyed”, The Australian, 11 October 2010

Benny Morris might think himself clever in re-working the metaphor of the
falling man crushing the unfortunate man on the pavement below by adding the
caveat that he negotiates to share the pavement before he lands but is
refused. The concrete evidence does not support this version because the
Zionist project that established the state of Israel has never stopped
taking land from the Palestinians even when it figuratively landed so
heavily on the pavement crushing the Palestinians. Sixty two years of
denying the right of return to those who were displaced and forty three
years of ongoing colonisation and dispossession of Palestinians makes a lie
of Morris’s reworked metaphor.

Under international law it was and still is the Palestinians who have
rightful patrimony to the land and it was the injustice of ignoring this
inalienable right of the Palestinians in the partitioning of Palestine that
is at the origin of the intractable conflict. Still to this day as the
colonisation continues apace the world looks the other way and fails to use
the framework of international law to resolve the injustice. And Benny
Morris adds insult to injury by now questioning the Palestinian claim to the
land as he does.

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