Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Sherwood’s “Gaza ‘buffer zone’ proves lethal for Palestinians”, The Age, 13Oct10 October 13, 2010

The Age: “Gaza ‘buffer zone’ proves lethal for Palestinians” by Harriet Sherwood, 13 October 2010

In “Gaza ‘buffer zone’ proves lethal for Palestinians” it is clear that
Israel continues to kill Palestinians with impunity and the world does
nothing. Of even greater concern is the ongoing silence on the illegal
imprisonment and collective punishment of a population of 1.5 million people
in Gaza denied their freedom and dignity and a proper future for their

The world’s largest concentration camp is being openly condoned just like
the mushrooming Jewish-only settlements that continue to illegally colonise
the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
All of this is illegal and constitutes crimes practised by the Israeli
state, for which it is not held to account.

Making peace has nothing to do with restoring Palestinians human rights
denied for decades but everything to do with wearing them down to accepting
they no longer have these rights they were never allowed to exercise.

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