Lorraine Sinderberry (VIC) writes to FM Kevin Rudd re Australia’s contract with israeli arms manufacturer 29Oct10 November 1, 2010

The Hon. Kevin Rudd,
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Parliament House
Canberra    ACT 2600

Dear Mr Rudd,

Re:        Signed Contract with Israeli Arms Manufacturer Elbit

I was appalled to learn last night that our Australian Government has contracted to purchase armaments to the value of $A350,000,000 from Israel, which is a false democracy deeply stained by its racist treatment of its own 20% Arab Israeli citizens but profoundly determined to practise apartheid against all those Palestinians who are detained within the West Bank and the destroyed Gaza Strip.  Furthermore, Israel has continually treated the United Nations with total contempt, and is undoubtedly a nuclear-armed state, the support of which threatens our nation’s stability.

Apart from the immorality and stupidity of this contract, there is a growing international push to punish Israel by boycotts of its exports because of its human rights record, as happened to South Africa.  I believe at least three respected nations have already made this decision.

I therefore ask you, as our nation’s Foreign Affairs representative who is evidently about to lead a delegation to that benighted country, to explain to me why Elbit’s products were chosen over others for our Defence Forces to protect our nation’s security.  Was it price?   Was it superior design?  Was it rapid availability?  Was it future availability of spares etc.  Which other nations (such as New Zealand) already have the same armaments which would ease cooperation with our ADF?  It would be a dreadful scenario if Australia decided to send its troops to cooperate with Israeli troops.  There has to be a rational reason, but it certainly escapes me.

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