Lorraine Sinderberry (VIC) responds to Dept of Foreign Affairs letter re Israel and the case of Abdallah Abu Rahmah 5Nov10 November 7, 2010

Thank you for replying to my letter of 1 October, which expressed concern about Abdallah Abu Rahmah’s treatment by the Israeli Government.  Please explain to me what the term ‘monitoring’ means in this case.   Monitoring, it seems to me, has no relation to the request I made of the Minister, to urge the Israeli Government to ensure just treatment of this non-violent Palestinian human rights advocate.

What is more, if the Minister studies the attached pamphlet of maps, he will agree that the two-state solution is true humbug – a whitewash of the actual situation currently on the ground, which leaves Palestinians with an ever-decreasing archipelago of bantustans of the land they and their ancestors have farmed and owned for millennia.   The Australian Government should wake up to itself and call any Peace Process what it is – an unsubtle method of assisting ongoing Zionist colonization.

In connection with Kevin Rudd’s risible statement of 25 Sept quoted by you, I ask you, how can the weak and ineffective Palestinian Fatah government (a puppet without electoral validation by the majority of its people) ever deal on equal terms with the might of US-backed Israel?  One might further ask, is it not ever possible for Australia to let go of US coattails on moral issues.  I fear our nation will pay dearly for this obsequious loyalty at a future time.

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