Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Blomfield’s “Israeli plan ‘a threat to peace talks’” November 10, 2010

The Age: “Israeli plan ‘a threat to peace talks’” by Adrian Blomfield, 10 November 2010

It should be pretty clear now that the Israeli/Palestinian “peace talks” are
dead in the water. They were given “cement shoes” long ago – one only has to
look at the hills of the occupied Palestinian territories to see and if one
goes to Bethlehem the apartheid wall of cement is staring you in the face as
it chokes off Palestinians into isolated Bantustans they are supposed to
call a state. All the while more land is stolen and more Palestinians are
ethnically cleansed as home demolitions and evictions go on under the radar
screen of media reporting.

Yet we are all supposed to hold our breath and criticism so as not to derail
the “peace process” which Israeli  governments of all stripes have cynically
used to further the colonial expansion of the “Jewish” state. The US
administration can only muster: “We were deeply disappointed” at this
blatant colonialism – a crime against the Palestinian people – showing once
again the lie of it being an “honest broker”. But the whole world is
complicit as it fails to use the levers of international law and binding UN
resolutions to stop this ongoing injustice yet alone reverse it.

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