JNF establishes bulldozer camp near demolished Bedouin village for planting of “God-TV Forest” 24Nov10 November 25, 2010

The Alternative Information Centre -  24 November 2010

JNF-KKL last week established a large new bulldozer camp just one kilometer from the village of Al-Arakib, and is planting one million trees in Israel including many near the village of Al-Arakib as part of the “God-TV Forest.”


JNF has accepted substantial donations from an evangelical Christian ministry called God-TV, who claim to have received “instructions from God…to prepare the land for the return of my Son…[to] plant a million trees.” (See their video on http://www.god.tv/excavation at minute 21:00).


The JNF, instead of promoting civic equality for all Israelis – the basis for trust and peaceful coexistence – is now supporting (and being supported by) an evangelical ministry that wishes to utilize Israel and the planting of trees to bring about the “Second Coming of Christ.”

We believe in an Israel where Jews live in partnership and equality with their Bedouin and other Arab and Palestinian neighbors.  The Israel of the JNF, the Israel Land Administration and the Israeli Government is one where Bedouin Arabs are displaced and discriminated against so that forests funded by Jews and Evangelical Christians and exclusively Jewish communities can be built, preventing Bedouin Israelis from ever returning to their land, forcing them to live in poverty and neglect.

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