David Macilwain (VIC) writes to the Border Mail re “Wikileaks local connection” 6Dec10 December 6, 2010

The lawyer for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has observed that the content of the US diplomatic cables is likely already known to all intelligence agencies and foreign governments, but not to the people who elected them, and so they are upset because they don’t want us to know what is actually done in our name. And while little has been revealed about Australia yet, other than the dubious worth of Assange’s passport, there are many things our government likes us not to know.

While it is hardly a secret, the upcoming visit to Israel by our Parliamentarians -seventeen of them including Kevin Rudd and Julie Bishop – has not been well publicised. One would like to think that they are embarrassed to be forging new links with the Jewish State at this moment – when Israel has abandoned all pretence of wanting a just settlement with the Palestinians. Such a settlement has been made impossible by the illegal building of settlements on the land occupied in 1967and despite all pretence to the contrary and talk of ‘peace plans’, the creation of these ‘facts on the ground’ has been pursued by all governments since then with that explicit intention.

As the International community has shown itself incapable of controlling Israel’s colonial project, the Palestinians have concluded that a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is the only way forward. Recently there has been considerable development of this campaign here with the support of unions and church groups, and including Jewish Australians. While local opportunities are limited, the recent demonstration in Albury of an electric car involved an Israeli company called Better Place, which supplies and installs infrastructure for electric vehicle networks. While its operations here are innocent enough, the same cannot be said of those at home in Israel. Electric cars there will have to operate on the network of roads which are for the use of Jews only – thus supporting the Apartheid system now being developed. And while all Israeli citizens must serve in the IDF, the CEO of Better Place Israel distinguished himself as a major general at the end of the Lebanon war of 2006; Moshe Kaplinsky was personally responsible for the decision to drop 3.5 million cluster bombs on civilian targets in the last 3 days of this war.

I would urge people who feel as I do that the Palestinians are getting a raw deal, in fact no deal at all, to join in with the BDS campaign in any way they can. This would include protesting about our government extending the open hand of friendship to Israel, and implicitly showing a clenched fist to the Palestinians.

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