Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Friedman’s “Leave Mid-East recalcitrants to their own mess” 14Dec10 December 14, 2010

The Age: “Leave Mid-East recalcitrants to their own mess” by Thomas Friedman, 14 December 2010

Thomas Friedman sailed close to the truth when he writes: “It is long past
time that we stopped being their crack dealers” but he does not acknowledge
the mess is largely that of successive US governments that have been
partners in crime with Israel against the Palestinian people. This is not a
conflict between equal protagonists as he wishes to make out but a case of
one people being oppressed and ethnically cleansed from their land by
another, with the US an active partner and where the whole world has been
complicit in its silence.

Who gives Israel billions in financial aid, military hardware and diplomatic
cover? And why has it been well nigh impossible to stop Israel’s illegal
occupation, colonisation and crimes against the Palestinian people that now
can only be described as the worst kind of apartheid and collective
punishment? Israel is protected by the US – its superpower patron, and
everyone else falls into line. Under the US stewardship the so-called peace
negotiations have been deliberately conducted outside the framework of
international law to favour Israel and deny Palestinians their human rights.
The US has used its veto power and considerable super-power influence on
other countries that would have, and should, bring Israel to account for its
serial human rights violations, failure to abide by UN resolutions, outright
land theft and war crimes that continue as I write with the ongoing siege
and blockade of Gaza.

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