David Macilwain (VIC) writes to The Age re Rudd’s and Gillard’s allegiance to Israel, 14 Dec10 December 14, 2010

Following the revelations on Monday of Rudd’s and Gillard’s allegiance with Israel – which surprised and impressed the Ambassador, I am shocked to see so little reaction. Why do we accept that our leaders, the ones who would lead us into a war, are such close allies of a state which has no respect for international law and is in possession of hundreds of nuclear weapons? A state which is so hopelessly paranoid that it would use such weapons against a country like Iran, which the cables reveal to be a rational actor seeking only to defend its sovereignty.

Following a week when Israel finally revealed its absolute refusal (given the generosity of the US’ offer) to stop building settlements on occupied and annexed territory, the appearance of Rudd in Israel fawning over the holocaust memorial should make us truly ashamed. For the Palestinians it should make them truly angry – that a country that claims to support international laws and conventions can display support for Israel’s apartheid and racist state so blatantly and proudly at this time.

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