Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Israel slams critics for hypocrisy” The Australian, 21Dec10 December 21, 2010

The Australian: “Israel slams critics for hypocrisy“, 21 December 2010

Israel slams critics for hypocrisy yet unblushingly perpetrates its own
hypocrisy. Mark Regev tells us: “Israel is committed to working with the
Palestinian Authority upon this path that is beneficial to all.” When
countless reports, not just the most recent Human Rights Watch “Separate and
Unequal” objectively testify to the complete opposite we are told they are
all biased and singling Israel out for censure.

Notice Mark Regev does not point to anything in the report that is factually
incorrect – because he can’t. Instead he selectively tells us there has been
“unprecedented levels of growth and development on the part of the
Palestinian Authority in the West Bank”.  What he fails to mention is that
the base level of growth was so low due to Israel’s apartheid policies that
the injection of foreign aid could only have been positive. This is foreign
aid that was required because Israel as the occupying power has failed in
its responsibility to look after the people it occupies. Israel has done
everything in its power to undermine the Palestinians and continues to do so
with the express purpose of severing their ties to the land while enhancing
that of its colonising Jewish citizens, who continue to create “facts on the
ground”. The illegal settlements are incontrovertible and very physical
evidence of Israel’s hypocrisy.

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