ADELAIDE: 13th week of Seacret protest BOYCOTT ISRAEL 31Dec10 January 3, 2011

Friday’s protest was successful in spite of the predicted temperature of 41 degrees.  Even though it was New Year’s Eve, 12 protesters turned up, donned T-shirts and grabbed placards and leaflets, with Mark as usual carrying the Palestinian flag, which from time to time caught the slight breeze coming through the Mall and fluttered impressively.  We were also joined by some new protesters who have promised to return.

I was expecting hot grumpy security guards and shoppers.  Instead we had, in my opinion, the most relaxed and interested responses from the public for any protest.  More people took the leaflets than normal and a much higher number of people actively sought us out and asked for a copy.   Most protesters had to return a couple of times to our stock to get more bundles of the leaflets to give out.

As John and I were going down the side of Myers for his interview for this week’s YouTube, one young chap almost chased after us to get a leaflet from us.
A few protesters reported that people commented that if we had come out on New Year’s Eve in the heat then we must have something important to say.

The young security guard (probably on contract, I hadn’t seen him before) asked for a leaflet and read every word (see the close up pic above of him reading – cropped from the larger pic in which you can just see him next to the “50%” sign).

Charles and I spent a little time in the Myer Centre afterwards and Seacret’s 3 staff members were doing zero business.  Admittedly it was close to closing time, however, a number of protesters said that they had noticed during their Christmas shopping expeditions that Seacret seems to be doing a poor trade.

Craig, who has been to all but 2 of the 13 protests in a row, commented that thousands and thousands of people have seen us there.  They have read our T-shirts and seen the Palestinian flag and realised that something is going on about Israel and Palestine even if they have not taken our leaflets, which thousands of others have.  A report on our BDS actions written by Craig several weeks ago is attached for your interest.

Have a think about the numbers and the impact we are having: One hour every week for 13 weeks; Friday night shopping: hundreds of people going past us outside the Myer Centre every 5 minutes.  How many people is that?

Happy New Year to all AFOPA members and supporters!


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