Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Doron’s “Those who speak out against oppression the true patriots”, The Age, 21Jan11 January 21, 2011

The Age: “Those who speak out against oppression the true patriots” by Assa Doron, 21 January 2011

The cracks are appearing in the wall of silence around the decades of
Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians. Assa Doron tells us those
dissenters within Israel who are courageously speaking out are perhaps the
true patriots rather than those who seek to vilify them. They, he says,
“might help Israel recalibrate its social and moral compass”.

But there is another wall of silence that needs to be broken – that of
Israel’s allies who continue to pretend Israel is a liberal democracy and
who remain silent and look the other way when it illegally colonises,
oppresses and perpetrates crimes against the Palestinian people. Operation
Cast Lead was just one such crime justified by one and all (our own Prime
Minister included) as “self-defence” when it was an outright massacre. The
criminal siege and blockade of Gaza is still in place with little or no
world condemnation for the misery and human rights violations that it
entails. And the colonisation of the occupied Palestinian territories
continues apace with little or no concrete moves to put a stop it. Meanwhile
the Palestinians continue to suffer Israel’s apartheid policies with no
recourse to any judicial system that will vigorously stand up for their
human rights.

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