David Macilawain (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ “Peace talks: divided they stand” The Age, 29Jan11 February 1, 2011

The Age: “Peace talks: divided they stand” by Jason Koutsoukis, 29 January 2011

I was pleased to read an article on the ‘Palestine Papers’ today as the importance of what they reveal has had little discussion thanks to more immediate developments in the Middle East. Sadly I was unimpressed by Koutsoukis’ analysis which quite fails to emphasise the true revelations in these documents. I would wager that Seamus Milne from whom he quotes, would also be unimpressed – the quotes fail to emphasise Milne’s key point, that Israel is not a ‘partner for peace’ and never has been in this sham process with the “Palestinian Authority”.  It has been evident to most impartial observers for some time that Mahmoud Abbas has no credibility, but now the extent of his treachery and Israel’s mendacity is exposed, any discussion of a peace process which involves the US backed Palestinian Authority is ridiculous. Your correspondent must have worked hard to find so many Abbas supporters.

The relevance of this ‘story’ to current developments in Egypt should not be downplayed – not only are the Egyptian People solid supporters of Palestine, against Israel and the US, but the Hamas government was the first democratically elected Arab government in the region. If the Egyptians’ revolution succeeds and they elect a new government, can we expect a conspiracy to destroy it of similar intensity, and will Australia willingly collude as it did in ‘Operation Cast Lead’?

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