FREE GAZA: Activists plan second Gaza-bound flotilla 8Feb11 February 9, 2011

Press TV -  8 February 2011

International activists are planning to send an aid convoy to the blockaded Gaza Strip on the anniversary of Tel Aviv’s deadly attack on a humanitarian mission.

The mission has been organized by Spanish activists Manuel Tapial and Laura Arau and is expected to set off from the country to the Palestinain coastal sliver in the spring, Press TV correspondent Sonia Labboun reported on Monday from the Spanish capital, Madrid.

The human rights campaigners survived Israel’s deadly attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May 31, which killed nine Turkish activists and injured around 50 others onboard the civilian fleet.

Enjoying Turkey’s support, the six-ship convoy had set sail to challenge Israel’s years-long closure of Gaza aimed at turning palestinains in the impoverished enclave against the democratically elected Hamas governmnet based there.

Tapial said, “80 percent of Gazans manage to live thanks to international donations. During these last four years, Israel has closed the borders that led to the bankruptcy of 90 percent of local businesses.”

“We will continue our fight to end this illegal situation and this time with more activists and ships,” he vowed.

Spain has hosted the meeting of the human rights campaigners who are expected to join the next flotilla.

The country would contribute two vessels to the aid mission. The vesselsa are expected to carry 200 tons of relief supplies and around 200 activists from 17 countries, including Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, Italy and Algeria.

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