Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to article “Muslim Brotherhood stokes fears over Israel pact”, The Australian, 11Feb11 February 11, 2011

The Australian: “Muslim Brotherhood stokes fears over Israel pact”,  10 February 2011

“It seems apparent to me that it is not the Muslim Brotherhood that is stoking fears regarding the events unfolding in Egypt. Those fears seem to be being stoked by certain sectors of the media, and certain vested foreign interests.

Egyptian protesters have been consistent in their demands. They ask that a dictator and his regime step down, that they have free and fair elections, that their constitution be rewritten to ensure that another Mubarak cannot arise in the future, and that there be a more equitable society with more benefits for all Egyptians.

What is to fear from that?

Nothing, unless you run a similarly tyrannical regime, or benefit from its existence. Then, you may have something to fear. The removal of your power to oppress, exploit and dispossess others.

But that is hardly the responsibility of the protesters, or those supporting them.

Is it?”

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