Palestinian MP Zeidan says elections not in best interests of Palestinians 14Feb11 February 15, 2011

The Palestinian Information Centre -  14 February 2011

Palestinian MP Abdurrahman Zeidan said elections the PLO decided to hold by September are not in the best interest of the Palestinians.

His statements Saturday came in response to a decision by the PLO’s Executive Committee to hold presidential and legislative elections as fears over demands for changes in government sweep the Arab world.

”The decision does not take into account the interests of the Palestinians and was not issued by a party authorized popularly to do that, due to dissension on the extent of representation of the PLO’s Executive Committee in all places of its presence,” Zeidan said.

National agreement must be made on the time, conducting and supervisory committee and ballots must be held for all of the presidency, legislature and local councils, he added.

”All of this is within the framework of understandings in Cairo in 2005 and the National Accord document in 2006 and records of agreements in Cairo during unfinished rounds of talks,” he said.

Zeidan called for an immediate move towards reconciliation under inter-Palestinian conditions and understandings that would end the split and establish consensus on a national program uniting all Palestinians.

In a related context, the Ministry of Justice in Gaza said in an official statement on Sunday that the PLO is not qualified to call for Palestinian elections.

The statement calls upon the Palestinians to reject the call and boycott elections, saying the move perpetuates the national split.

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