Steve Katsineris (VIC) writes to the media on Egyptian uprising 15Feb11 February 16, 2011


The USA only gave up supporting the oppressive Mubarak regime in Egypt, when it became absolutely apparent he and his ruling elite couldn’t continue to hold power.

Mubarak’s brutal regime was able maintain control through mass terror; coercion and the help of massive military and political aid from the USA, its western allies, as well as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Despite professing support for democracy, freedom and human rights, the USA, Britain and France continue a policy of propping up corrupt, repressive, dictatorial regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere. This is because the USA and other major powers have an explicit policy of putting their strategic, economic, political and military interests before the lives, liberty and welfare of people.

And while the USA and its western allies are engaged in a war with Islamic extremist groups, the cruel actions of the very regimes they back are the reason some desperate people are driven into the arms of the religious extremists. It is frequently this injustice and oppression that breeds fundamentalist extremism.

The leaders of the western powers must be told by their citizens to halt this deceit and hypocrisy and make significant changes, so that their countries follow a just and compassionate foreign policy, that reflects a genuine regard for the well-being of people and respects their human and civil rights and other freedoms.

Peoples in the Middle East and elsewhere deserve decent, fulfilling lives free of the misery and brutality of oppressive, corrupt, dictatorial regimes and interfering western governments intent on keeping them in power because it suits their national interests.


How wonderful to see the inspiring example of peoples power being expressed on the streets of Egypt, Tunisia and other countries in the Middle East. Like so many others I have waited and worked so long to witness such incredibly encouraging scenes. And it is tremendous to see the various corrupt dictators throughout the region trembling at the prospect of rebellion. Also to observe the western powers like the USA, Britain, France and Israel, who have propped up these repressive regimes with massive military, financial and other aid, squirming at the sight of these corrupt, oppressive, murderous governments crumbling. Despite their talk of democracy and human rights the west’s major powers fear real democracy and freedom. So many have suffered and given their lives to reach this point in time, that the struggling peoples of the region deserve the utmost support of those who value civil rights and liberty. May the spectacle of revolt hearten and empower other subjugated peoples and spread further, so no cruel, tyrannical regime in Asia, Africa, or elsewhere feels safe from the people’s rage.

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