Steven Katsineris responds to Hart’s “Palestine does not have to be lost cause” The Guardian – The Worker’s Weekly (CPA), 16Feb11 PUBLISHED February 18, 2011

The Guardian – The Worker’s Weekly (CPA: “Palestine does not have to be a lost cause” by Alan Hart, 16 February 2011

Thankyou for another wonderful issue of the Guardian, Feb. 2, and the tremendous articles on Palestine, budget cuts, Tunisia and the great film reviews, etc. I just wanted to comment on the fine article by Alan Hart, “Palestine does not have to be a lost cause”. The article was very insightful and made good suggestions about the Palestinian peoples struggle. The only thing I disagree on is the idea of creating a Palestinian state on the territories Israel occupied in 1967, the West Bank and Gaza.

On the West Bank, Israeli rule is pervasive, Jewish settlements are all over the place, with bits and pieces of Palestinian territory encircled by Israeli settlements, walls and military bases. Israeli military forts and positions sit on the hilltops; Israel controls the road network and checkpoints, aquifers and other resources. Daily life, movement, the economy, everything is dependent of the whim of Israel’s military rule, its laws, regulations and curfews. Given this situation, how can a Palestinian state be built on such a minuscule area, in reality a micro, mini-state lacking any actual political, social, military and economic independence. Even if Israel ended its physical occupation of the area and withdrew its troops, Israel would still maintain control. We can see in the Israeli encirclement and confinement of Gaza, how such a Palestinian state would be treated. This would not be an independent, genuine Palestinian state, nor is it a just, legitimate solution to the Palestinian Problem.

The sweeping changes that Israel has made in the West Bank prevent any real possibility for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state there alongside a powerful state like Israel. The key to resolving the issue is to restore the Palestinan people’s rights and give them a homeland. This is only possible in one state for all those peoples to live in equality, whatever their religion or beliefs. Any other solution now is I believe unworkable and futile.

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