Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Bret Stephen’s “Hypocrisy behind murder of children” The Australian 17Mar11 March 18, 2011

The perpetrators of the horrific slaying of most of the members of the Fogel
family remain unknown and have not been caught or apprehended. No
Palestinian faction has claimed responsibility and all have in fact denied
involvement in this brutal crime.

Yet before it is even known whom the perpetrators are the Palestinians are
being punished and vilified and the Israeli government openly declares its
intent to seek revenge by building yet more housing units in its illegal

Bret Stephens in “Hypocrisy behind murder of children” (17/3/11) displays
his own hypocrisy by implying that all who support the Palestinians in their
struggle for freedom somehow condone this brutal act of murder, while
unquestioningly accepting as fact what has not been established as such to
support an unadulterated piece of Palestinian bashing.

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