Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to The Australian on the Marrickville saga, 25Mar11 March 26, 2011

I have been  unsurprised by the vitriol thrown by certain media commentators regarding a  Green’s candidate’s support of Boycott, Divestment and sanctions against  Israel. Some focus their criticism on the perceived irrelevance of overseas  issues in local politics. However given that our country is involved in world  politics, our governments’ and our representatives’ opinions and attitudes  regarding certain critical overseas issues are relevant ones for each of us to  consider when making our voting decisions, but in proportion with other local  issues.

The obsessive focus and petty minded comments regarding the  candidate for Marrickville reflect badly on those involved. We ought by now to  be used to the obsessively vehement reactions to even non-violent measures  against the state of Israel. After all we know that is how oppressive regimes,  brutal dictatorships and colonial occupiers behave when threatened with  exposure of their crimes and human rights abuses.

What serves our country  best is for Australians to be well-informed: about the character and  principles of candidates and how they see their role as our prospective  representative. What we do not need is someone seeking to divert our attention  by hijacking the debate so that we get confused about what the truth is, and  what relevance it has for us.

Most people know what matters to them on a  basic level. If asked they would probably be able to articulate opinions about  a fair go for all, healthy rivers, job security, the environment and human  rights.

History sadly often reflects the story that the hijackers want to  tell.

What Australians need is to be respected and told the whole story.  Not a distorted and extreme attack on someone because they dare speak about  some of the elephants in the room.

That way the people’s voice will shape  the history of the future.
Democracy depends on such things.

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