Carl O’Connor (VIC) responds to The Australian re Marrickville saga 25Mar11 March 26, 2011

I write this email is response to your comments from Mr Ian Cohen that Greens support of the BDS movement against Israel has undermined the NSW electoral campaign. The BDS movement is one response that recognises land theft and persecution of the Palestinian people carried out be an increasingly militant and openly racist Israeli Government. It took courage for the NSW Greens to support BDS and it takes courage to withstand the political pressure applied by the Murdoch press who consistently run a vehemently anti-Palestinan/Arab – pro Israeli position at every opportunity they get. If the Greens are prepared to buckle on this issue for short term electoral gain why not do the same thing on climate change and support of asylum seekers.

There is already one left of centre Australian political party willing to chop and change its policies based pressure from powerful lobby groups and I, and I am sure many others, are happy to go back to voting Labor if the Greens turn into a poor imitation.

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