Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to The Australian on BDS 7Apr11 April 7, 2011

BDS is a plea to the world

In the flurry of articles damning Fiona Byrne and Lee Rhiannon it is clear
The Australian is running a campaign to not only scare their readers off
voting for the Greens but more importantly to demonise all who would dare
support the Palestinian worldwide call for BDS against Israel by spreading
disinformation in a very one-sided reporting of the issue.

Long known for its very pro-Israel stances it is hardly surprising that we
can read nothing to counteract or balance the hyperbole and deliberate
obfuscation in The Australian. There is no discussion on why Israel is
considered to be practising apartheid policies despite countless reports
having been written to document what is being done both in Israel and the
occupied Palestinian territories to warrant this charge.

After 17 years of fruitless “peace process” and Israel’s ignoring of the
2004 ICJ ruling which made clear that the Wall and settlements were illegal
we still speak of Israel as if it were a liberal democracy when for
Palestinians it is an apartheid reality.

BDS is a plea for help to the conscience of the world made by Palestinian
civil society (and not Hamas as others would like to suggest) precisely
because the Palestinians have no other way to end decades of oppression and
retrieve their human rights, which Israel has been violating on a daily
basis in open defiance of international law and binding UN resolutions and
with the full support of a complicit Western world, Australia included.

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