Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Freedland’s “The ugly double standard behind the Goldstone report” The Age 9Apr11 April 9, 2011

The Age: “The ugle double standard behind the Goldstone report” by Jonathan Freedland, 9 April 2011

In discussing double standards in the UN, Jonathan Freedland completely sidesteps the history of bias in favour of Israel, particularly at the Security Council, where Israel is routinely protected by US vetos.

Israel’s admission into the UN was conditional on accepting resolution 194  on the right of Palestinian refugees to return which it promptly ignored and the UN’s failure to insist on its adherence has guaranteed that Israel acquired 78 percent of Palestine through the conquest of war and Palestinians ever since have been unable to exercise their right of return.

Since then Israel has been in breach of over sixty UN resolutions, which has allowed the occupation of the remainder of Palestine, illegal settlements to expand, resources to be stolen and an apartheid reality to be entrenched.

This preferential treatment for Israel, which allowed it to act with such impunity over decades, has degraded the concept of binding UN resolutions and universal justice. There is now little faith in the rule of international law.

More urgently, failure to proceed with the recommendations of the Goldstone Report will embolden Israel to commit further war crimes against Palestinians as it now promises another “Cast Lead” operation on Gaza.

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