Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Hartcher’s “Israeli inertia on peace may saddle state with old regrets” The Age 13Apr11 April 13, 2011

The Age: “Israeli inertia on peace may saddle state with old regrets”, by Peter Hartcher, 12 April 2011

Peter Hartcher fails to mention that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians for the last six decades makes it just as vulnerable to popular uprisings as the oppressive regimes across the Arab world are now experiencing.

Comparisons can be made that emphasise that Israel is NOT a democracy for the Palestinians living under its control.

Despite the constant mantra to the contrary, as the leaks from the Palestine Papers revealed, it is the Israeli government that has been blocking a diplomatic settlement to the Israel/Palestine conflict even when virtually everything was conceded by Palestinian negotiators.

Seventeen years of the so-called “peace process” has failed to liberate the Palestinians from the yoke of occupation. It instead allowed for their continued dispossession and further loss of human rights.

This is occurring at a rapid pace in East Jerusalem with as little world protest as accompanied Israel’s  colonisation of the West Bank with its
illegal settlements fragmenting what was supposed to comprise the much promised Palestinian state.

It is not just Israel’s inertia but its very deliberate actions that will have consequences.

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