Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Kennedy and Kossy “Councils can help Mid-East peace” SMH, 20Apr11 PUBLISHED April 21, 2011

The Sydney Morning Herald: “Councils can help Mid-East peace” by Gael Kennedy and Janet Kossy, 19 April 2011

While well intentioned, Gael Kennedy and Janet Kossy fail to see that the peace-building efforts they recommend have zero effect in ending Israel’s violation of Palestinian human rights.

Peace-building can be effective only after the oppression of Palestinians and the violation of their human rights comes to an end. Otherwise it acts only to normalise this violation.

For the past six decades the Palestinians have continually been asked to make peace and forgive, even while the crimes against them continue.

It is precisely because our governments and institutions have been totally complicit in allowing Israel to act with impunity against the Palestinians that the boycott, divestment and sanctions call has been made to civil society as a last-resort, non-violent effort to end this injustice.

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