Palestinian refugees prepare for the march of return 13May11 May 14, 2011

The Palestinian Information Centre -  13 May 2011

Ahmad Al-Zeer, the spokesman of the preparatory committee of the “return march”, said Thursday that the march is peaceful and wants only to confirm the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.

In a press conference he held in the Manara news agency in Gaza on Thursday, Zeer said that the 15th of May will be the start of a continuous and broad popular action that would escalate with time and would take different forms.

He also held the international community responsible for failing to help the Palestinian refugees return to their homeland and described the expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland at the hands of the Israeli occupation as the “crime of our time”, urging the international community to protect the march and to secure the return of the refugees to their homeland.

Furthermore, Zeer called on every Palestinian individual to participate in the march being a national duty, and urged Friday preachers to stress the importance of the march and to dedicate the Friday sermons for the occasion.

For their part, the bureau of national action and the popular committee for refugees in the northern Gaza Strip said they were well-prepared for the march, urging all participants to raise the Palestinian flag only.

Mohammed Shamaa’ member of the national supreme committee for commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba, said that the right of return is sacred and that couldn’t be dropped with the passage of time.

“The right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes is firm and constant because rights couldn’t be waived with the passage of time,” Shamaa’ said stressing that  the person to whom the right belongs sticks to it more than the person who usurped that right.

He further said that the Israeli occupation wagered that the old Palestinian generation would die and the new generation would forget their right and the Nakba, but the new Palestinian generations proved the falsity  of such an assumption.

Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip are expected to gather at the Beit Hanon crossing point, north of Gaza Strip.

Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt are also expected to march toward the borders of occupied Palestine.

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