GAZA: UN Fact Finding Mission – Public Hearings July 31, 2009

The following witness statements are harrowing to hear, but they warrant careful listening if we are ever to understand what happened in those fateful three weeks of Israel’s merciless bombardment of Gaza early this year.   The people of this tiny stretch of besieged land have been so traumatised by the violations against them – not least the indifference of the world at large – that we must  speak up before such atrocities  happen again.  We cannot continue to let states  make a mockery of human rights and international law, else we too may one day find ourselves unheard and condemned.


UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict – Public hearings

First & Second session
28 – 29 June 2009, Gaza City
6 – 7 July 2009, Geneva

Panel Members: Chairperson Richard Goldstone, Professor Christine Chinkin, Ms. Hina Jilani, Col. Desmond Travers

Sunday 28 June 2009

Chairperson Richard Goldstone – Opening Statement
President of the Panel
LIVE WEBCAST: [English] [Arabic] 11 Minutes
(Unfortunately, the English in this video is drowned out by the Arabic translation in both cases, but this has been rectified in the videos of the statements that follow.)

Statements and questions

Mr. Amr Hamad
Palestinian Federation of Industries
[English] [Arabic] 24 Minutes

Mr. Mahmoud Daher
World Health Organization
[English] [Arabic] 50 Minutes

Mr. Moussa Al-Silawi
Mr. Moteeh Al-Silawi
Ms. Sabah Al-Silawi

[English] [Arabic] 40 Minutes

Mr. Mohammed Fuoad Abu Askar
[English] [Arabic] 29 Minutes

Mr. Ziyad Al-De’eb

[English] [Arabic] 12 Minutes

Mr. Hussein Al-De’eb
[English] [Arabic] 9 Minutes

Mr. Wail El-Samouni
[English] [Arabic] 23 Minutes

Mr. Salah El-Samouni
[English] [Arabic] 19 Minutes

Ms. Abir Mohammed Hajji
[English] [Arabic] 21 Minutes

Mr. Khaled Abed Rabbo
[English] [Arabic] 15 Minutes

Ms. Kawthar Abed Rabbo (Video Testimony)
[English] [Arabic] 11 Minutes

Monday 29 June 2009

Statements & Questions

Dr. Ahmed Abu-Tawahina
Dr. Iyyad El-Sarraji

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme
[English] [Arabic] 1 Hour 8 Minutes

Ms. Mariam Zakoot
Culture and Free Thought Association
[English] [Arabic] 22 Minutes

Mr. Mahmoud Ar Al-Ajramy
[English] [Arabic] 49 Minutes

Mr. Rashad Hamada
Owner of Al-Bader Flour Mill
[English] [Arabic] 35 Minutes

Mr. Sameer Al-Sawafeary
Owner of Sawafeary Chicken Farm
[English] [Arabic] 26 Minutes

Mr. Nidal Ibrahim Ayyash
[English] [Arabic] 10 Minutes

Chairperson Richard Goldstone – Closing Statement
President of the Panel
[English] [Arabic] 3 Minutes

Monday 6 July 2009, Geneva

Statements & questions

Chairperson Richard Goldstone – Opening Statement
President of the Panel
[English] 11 Minutes

Dr. Roni Berger, Judith Recanti and Orly Gal
NATAL- Israel’s Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War
[English] [Hebrew] 24 Minutes

Mr. Ofer Shinar
Sapir College
[English] [Hebrew] 25 Minutes

Dr. Emilia Siderer
from Ashkelon
[English] [Hebrew] 11 Minutes

Mr. Benny Vaknin
Mr. Alan Marcus

Ashkelon Local Goverment
[English] [Hebrew] 41 Minutes

Mr. Noam Bedein
Director of the Sderot Media Centre
[English] 22 Minutes

Mr. Noam Shalit
Father of Gilad Shalit
[English] 21 Minutes

Mr. Shir Hever
The Alternative Information Centre (Video Testimony)
[English] 31 Minutes

Mr. Mohamed Srour
Mr. Jonathan Pollack

(Including Video footage)
[English] [English/Arabic] 1 Hour 6 Minutes

Mr. Shawan Jabareen
Al-Haq (Video Testimony)
[English] [Arabic] 53 Minutes

Tuesday 7 July 2009, Geneva

Statements & Questions

Ms. Sahar Francis
Director of Addameer
[English] 47 Minutes

Mr. Majd Bader
Public Committee Against Torture in Israel
[English] [Arabic] 27 Minutes

Mr. Fadi Qwasmi
Lawyer representing members of the Palestine Legislative Council
[English] [Arabic] 36 Minutes

Mr. Salehaldin Musa
Independent Commission for Human Rights
[English] 37 Minutes

Lt.Col. Raymond Lane
Chief Instructor in the Irish Defence Forces School
[English] 51 Minutes

Prof. Michael A. Newton
Vanderbilt University Law School
[English] 1 Hour 3 Minutes

Chairperson Richard Goldstone – Closing Statement
President of the Panel
[English] 3 Minutes


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