Steven Katsineris (VIC) writes to The Age re peace and justice in Palestine 26May11 PUBLISHED May 26, 2011

In his recent speech in Washington Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said,

no to sharing Jerusalem with the Palestinians, no to the return of Palestinian refugees, no to a return of the 1967 border lines, no to conceding major Israeli settlements, no to a Palestinian state without Israel controlling the border along the Jordan Valley and no to negotiations with the Palestinian unity government. With such blatant Israeli intransigence, what is there left to discuss in peace talks.

Further, Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu stated Israel would “be generous about the size of the future Palestinian state.” The Palestinians have already lost over 78% of historical Palestine to Israel. The remaining 22% of the Palestinian territories consists of the Gaza Strip and fragmented segments of the occupied West Bank, with Israeli settlements, forts, walls, fences, roads and other infrastructure everywhere surrounding them and under the control of the Israeli army, settlers and police. Considering this situation what is left for the Palestinians to build a viable state on, some 10% of Palestinian land with Israel maintaining effective domination over the “Palestinian state.” It seems the only issue Israel will discuss is what small morsels of land it will allow the Palestinians to have for their illusory state. Israel will only have peace when the Palestinians have justice.

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