Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to The Australian’s editorial”Tutu is wrong on Israel boycott” 8Jun11 June 8, 2011

The Australian: “Tutu is wrong Israel boycott”, editorial, 8 June 2011

I write to complain about the appalling distortions in today’s Editorial. It
clearly mouths all the lies and propaganda trotted out by pro-Zionist
supporters of Israel.

Although the Israeli Knesset is formally accountable to all its citizens,
Jews and non-Jews alike, in the key areas of immigration, settlement and
land development, the Knesset has passed laws ceding state sovereignty to,
and vesting its responsibilities with, the World Zionist Organization, the
Jewish Agency and the Jewish National Fund, which are constitutionally
committed to serving and promoting the interests of Jews and Jews only.

It is by this sleight of hand, that Israel has guaranteed that 93% of
pre-1967 Israel is retained for cultivation, development and settlement by,
and for, Jews only. This is an attempt to veil the real apartheid that
affects the 20% of its non-Jewish citizens, who while given the vote, are
discriminated against because they are not Jewish. There are also twenty
laws, which openly discriminate against Israel’s non-Jewish Arab citizens,
one of the most racist being the marriage laws, so there is no way they are
treated as equal human beings.

The definitive South African study on the subject of Israeli apartheid: the
Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa’s report, Occupation,
Colonialism, Apartheid?: A re-assessment of Israel’s practices in the
occupied Palestinian territories under international law (May 2009) finds
unequivocally that Israel is practising the crime of apartheid in the
occupied Palestinian territories.

And for the last 63 years, Israel has refused to acknowledge, apologise for,
or make any amends for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which has been
brought to light by the Israeli new historians, including Benny Morris, who
were given access to Israeli archives that document what happened in 1947
and 1948 before the state of Israel was established. To this day, Israel has
denied Palestinians their inalienable right of return despite Israel’s
admission into the United Nations being conditional on its acceptance of
resolution 194 and it continues to displace and dispossess Palestinians
particularly in East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley.

Many who experienced Apartheid in South Africa have declared Israeli
apartheid policies are worse than what they experienced and archbishop
Desmond Tutu, having visited Israel/Palestine several times, speaks with
first hand knowledge of what constitutes the crime of apartheid and the
principled moral consistency that requires all people to have equal worth
deserving of dignity and their full human rights…..including the
Palestinians, who continue to be oppressed, dispossessed and exiled.

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