MR34  16 November 12
Israel attacks Gaza
DOWNLOAD MR34 Israel attacks Gaza 16Nov12

MR33  08 November 11
Australian voters support Palestine
DOWNLOAD MR33 Aus vote for Pal 8Nov11.doc

MR32  20 October 11
164 Palestinian children still held in Israeli prisons
 DOWNLOAD MR32 Children in Israeli prisons 20Oct11

MR31  09 August 11
AFP refutes Jewish group’s comparison of BDS protests to Nazi anti-Semitic acts
DOWNLOAD MR31AJDS compares BDS to Nai anti-Semitism 9Aug11

MR30  13 July 11
Israeli court stops deportation of Australian flotilla participants while a third returns home after arrest in Greece
DOWNLOAD MR30 Israeli court stops deportation of flotilla participants13Jul11

MR29   16 May 11
Palestinian people power challenges Israeli Apartheid
MR29-People Power16May11

MR28   01 May 11
Palestinian unity, statehood and the importance of BDS
MR28Unity, Statehood & BDS1May11

MR27   20Apr 11
Marrickville opens the door for debate on BDS
MR27 Marrickville & BDS 20Apr11

MR26  10 Nov 10
Who is the obstacle to peace?
MR26 WHo is the obstacle to peace_ 10Nov10

MR25   27 Sep 10
Will Jewish aid ship be hijacked by Israel’s navy?
MR25 Jewish Aid Ship27Sep10

MR24   10 Sep 10
Innocent oversight or naked bias?
DOWNLOAD MR24Media bias re flotilla 10Sep10

MR23    23 Jul 10
Australians for Palestine applauds Church boycott
MR23Church boycott23July10

MR22   18 Jun 10
Prominent Palestinian to tour Australia
DOWNLOAD MR22Diana Buttu18June10

MR21   31 May 10
Government must condemn interception of Gaza flotilla
MR21Govt must condemn attack on flotilla 31May10

MR20   24 May 10
A first step to holding Israel to account
MR20 Israeli passport affair 24May10

MR19   01 Mar 10
Time for Australia to cool relations with Israel
MR19 Cool relations with Israel 1Mar10

MR18   04 Dec 09
AG asked to investigate war crimes charges against Olmert
MR18 War crimes charges against Olmert 4Dec09

MR17   21 Sep 09
Goldstone Report on Israel’s Gaza assault
MR17 Goldstone Report 21Sep09

MR16   24 Jul 09
Mebourne’s filmgoers asked to protest
MR16 Film goers asked to protest 24July09

MR15   25 Jun 09
Connex “dumped” after 4 month boycott
MR15Connex _dumped_ 25Jun09

MR14   06 May 09
Harry Potter star takes stage for Gaza
DOWNLOAD MR14 Harry Potter star takes stage for Gaza 6May09

MR13   05 Nov 08
Parliamentarians to break siege of Gaza
DOWNLOAD MR13 Parliamentarians to break Gaza siege 5Nov08

MR12   31 Jul 08
Aussies join ship to break siege of Gaza
MR12 Aussies join ship to break siege 31Jul08

MR11   24 Jan 08
End the siege of Gaza
DOWNLOAD MR11 End the siege of Gaza 24Jan08

MR10  15 Nov 07
Israel’s Wall of Shame
MR10Israel’s wall of shame15Nov07

MR9   16 Sep 07
Sabra and Shatila
MR9Sabra and Shatila16Sep07

MR8   22 Aug 07
Lights off in Gaza – EU complicit with Israel
MR8 Lights off in Gaza 22Aug07

MR7   8 Jun 07
From the pulpit to the soapbox (Helen Cox)
DOWNLOAD MR7Helen Cox 8Jun07

MR6   04 Jun07
Forty years
MR6 Forty Years 4Jun07

MR5   23 Apr 07
Oxfam reports poverty in Palestine
MR5 Oxfam on Poverty 23Apr07

MR4   21Mar 07
Palestinian swim team makes its Australian debut
DOWNLOAD MR4 Swim Team 21Mar07

MR3   19 Dec 06
AFP/WFP attend UN Asian meeting
DOWNLOAD MR3 UN Asia Meeting 19Dec06

MR2    11 Dec 06
Australian “NO” at UN to Palestinian Rights
MR2 _No_ vote at UN 11Dec06

MR1     30 Nov 06
AFP supports Democrat’s bill prohibiting cluster bombs
MR1 Cluster bombs 30Nov06

MR-0   20 Oct 06
Australian Government on Palestinian Relief
DOWNLOAD MR20Oct06 Aus Gov on Pal Relief


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