Dora McPhee(VIC) writes to the Greek Ambassador 3Jul11 July 3, 2011

Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to

His Excellency Mr Alexios G Christopoulos

Australian Embassy of Greece, Canberra

3 July 2011

Dear Ambassador,

I write to express my disappointment and anger at Greece’s stance against the Free Gaza flotilla, which clearly shows a lack of principle and a bowing to pressure from the Israeli government to aid and abet it’s illegal siege and blockade of Gaza.

I urge you to encourage Greece to allow the immediate departure of the the U.S. boat to Gaza, the “Audacity of Hope,” along with the rest of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The passengers aboard are acting in the best tradition of the US Civil Rights Movement’s Freedom Riders and taking the lead from Palestinians who are non-violently opposing Israel’s occupation.

I understand that your country is under tremendous pressure to stop the flotilla from setting sail yet it had the opportunity to show the world it is still possible to act on principle.  It is shameful that Greece – the country that gave the world the concept of democracy – should undermine the very foundations of democracy by preventing the Free Gaza flotilla from showing solidarity with the people of Gaza who have every one of their basic human rights violated on a daily basis by the Israeli imposed siege and blockade that has rendered Gaza the world’s largest open-air prison.

Greece was opposed to the siege of Gaza, but has not been able to end it through ordinary diplomatic means and now it seems to be taking actions that are actively supporting the siege. Governments around the world have failed to make any meaningful improvement in the ghastly conditions in Gaza. The Palestinians themselves are leading the way with non-violent resistance to Israel’s occupation, inspiring people around the world to join them. The people aboard the flotilla, including many Greek citizens are taking a stand for human rights for all.

Please convey to the government of Greece that the world is watching and disgusted at their actions in support of Israel’s collective punishment of the Palestinians in Gaza. As more and more governments show their complicity with Israel’s war crimes it will become imperative for civil society to step up its protest in support of full human rights for those long denied their full humanity by those in the corridors of power who collude with Israel in its acts of impunity.

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