Maggie Roberts (VIC) writes to Greek Ambassador in Australia re flotilla 4Jul11 July 5, 2011

It is with great sorrow that I read that the Captain of the U.S. ship  “Audacity of Hope” of the Freedom Flotilla’s is currently in jail in Greece on FELONY charges. It is also with great sorrow that I realize that the Greek  Government has bowed to the pressure exerted by the Isreali Prime  Minister Netanyahu.

There are several Greek people living in my street here in Melbourne and you are probably well aware that Melbourne has the largest Greek population, outside of Athens.  As a school teacher I have tutored many Greek children in the English language to help them establish themselves and do well in Australian society.  I cannot believe that anyone with any humanity can close their eyes as to what the Israeli Government are doing in Israel/Palestine.

You must be aware that more and more settlements are being built on Palestinian land, that Palestinian  homes are being bull-dozed to achieve this end.

My own personal story is that I was sitting in my Anglican Church after watching television footage on   “Operation Cast Lead”   where the Israelis bombed the civilians of Gaza, even raining down on children their bombs containing white phosphorus, and as I was thinking about what I saw on the previous night’s television, the lesson was read out of the Bible stating that the Jews were God’s chosen people.

I got up from my seat and walked out of the church, and have never been back.    My thoughts are:   If the Jews are God’s chosen people, then He is NOT my idea of God.

Please do your best Ambassador to get on the right side of history and allow the Freedom Flotilla ships, any or all of them who come to  your ports, to proceed to Gaza.

It is extremely sad to me also to see that the US administration and government have supported Israel in flouting United Nations Resolutions.     This injustice against the Palestinians has been going on for over 67 years.   Both of my uncles fought in World War I and were in Palestine where they were treated most hospitably.

I write and tell you my own story in support of the humane solution.

With respect,
Maggie Roberts,    B.A.(Hons.)  Dip. Ed.    Advanced Certificate in
Horticulture,  International Teaching Fellow   and Member of
Australian Women for Palestine  and a member of the Society of
Friends   – Quakers.

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Thank You.
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