David Macilwain (VIC) writes to the Greek Ambassador in Australia re flotilla 3Jul11 July 3, 2011

Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to register my utmost disapproval of the actions of the Greek government in impounding ships of the Free Gaza Flotilla, and desire that
this action taken at the behest of the Israeli and US governments should immediately be rescinded.

Unless the Greek government wishes to associate itself with the illegal actions of Israel in preventing this peaceful humanitarian mission from occurring, and by implication take the side of Israel against Turkey in its murderous interception of the Mavi Marmara last year, then it must release the ships being held in Piraeus and Agios Nikolaus immediately.

By taking this action against the international flotilla, which has the support of civil society around the world as well as in Greece itself, the government is acting in contravention of international laws and the many UN resolutions which Israel continues to defy, as well as its own long traditions of democracy and moral conduct.

While the Greek government is undoubtedly under enormous pressure to take  this action – as otherwise such behaviour would be unconscionable for a  civil and law abiding society – it is necessary to take a longer term view  of such submission to the will and agenda of foreign powers. When the time  comes, as it undoubtedly will, that Israel is called to account for its  war crimes against the people of Gaza in particular and it violations of  the Geneva conventions, then the Greek government will by its complicity  also have a case to answer for its current actions.

Would you please convey my concerns to your government as soon as  possible.

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Thank You.
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