Jennifer Killen (NSW) writes to The Age re BDS 18Jul11 PUBLISHED July 18, 2011

Occupation is issue

THERE are calls to boycott American company Caterpillar because Israel uses Caterpillar bulldozers to build its ”security fence”. In Sweden, there have been calls for boycotts of Volvo because Volvo caterpillars are used by Israel to demolish Palestinian homes.

Kevin Rudd is either ill-informed or disingenuous when he implies that Max Brenner is boycotted because it is a Jewish business (”Citizen Rudd’s sweet support for cafe”, The Age, 15/7).

The call to boycott Max Brenner is based on its support for Israel’s occupation of Palestine and has nothing to do with it being a Jewish business. The boycott would be called off tomorrow if Max Brenner clearly articulated its opposition to Israel’s military occupation of Palestine and ended its support for the notorious Golani Brigade of the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Jennifer Killen, St Peters, NSW

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