Dora McPhee(VIC) responds to “Israel ups the ante over Palestine” The Age 20Jul11 July 20, 2011

Response to “Israel ups the ante over Palestine” by Jason Koutsoukis 20 July 2011

Sixty three years of having their rights denied with the full complicity of the member states of the United Nations, which is supposed uphold their rights, the Palestinians are being reprimanded by Israeli deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Danny Ayalon for daring to go to the United Nations to demand recognition.

Not only does this smack of self-interest, it once again is an Israeli exercise in pushing the blame onto the Palestinians, when blind Freddy can see in concrete form what Israel has been doing throughout the twenty odd years of so-called peace negotiations.

The state of Israel, that has been denying Palestinians their most basic human rights, has been relentlessly colonising and fragmenting the Palestinians, both literally and figuratively. It has usurped their resources and controls either directly or indirectly every aspect of their lives. “Negotiations” is a misnomer when it is between an occupied oppressed people and a state that is responsible for their oppression, particularly when the terms of reference for such negotiations favours the oppressor.

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