Rex Williams (ACT) writes to Senator Scott Ryan re his speech against AFP and BDS 21Jul11 July 22, 2011

I am totally dismayed by the comments that you included in your recent speech, the inaccuracies and mistaken beliefs, certainly one would have thought to be the result of advice from biased sources, common for politicians from Victoria so it seems. I respectfully suggest, Senator, that you disregard your past sources who have provided you with such errant information and should you continue to pursue this subject or any subject relevant to the evils being perpetrated in the middle east, daily, that you try to be as factual as possible. This is Australia and the fact that you have seen it necessary to act as a spokesman for a foreign state hated by the world for 60 years of murder and inhumanity and all that means, is totally beyond the comprehension of many members of your party who are just as disgusted as I am regarding your willing involvement in this matter for reasons obviously only known to you and your mentors, unlikely to be Australians, the overall majority of whom support the struggle for Palestine, justice, truth and humanity. This recent effort of yours has not been well regarded by any decent Australian.

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