Israeli Troops Attacked Weekly Non-Violent Protests; Three injured, Seven Arrested 23Jul11 July 23, 2011

Palestine News Network -   22 July 2011

Ramallah – PNN – Three injured and seven arrested, as Israeli troops attacked anti-wall protests organized in a number of West Bank communities on Friday.

Protests  took place in  the villages of al-Nabi Salleh, Bil’in, and Nil’in in the central West Bank, as well as al-Ma’ssara and Beit Omer in the south.

At the village of Beit Omer, troops used rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas to attack protests injuring at least three and arresting two. The protest in Beit Omer started after the midday prayers and villagers were joined by international and Israeli supporters demanding the end of settlement construction and the wall on local farmers lands.

In the nearby al-Ma’sara village soldiers attacked protestors before leaving and did not allow them to reach their lands where Israel is building the wall.  Soldiers then fired tear gas at protesters forcing them back into the village.

In central West Bank on Friday, Israeli troops attacked the weekly anti-wall protest in the village of Nil’in, where the residents and their Israeli and international supporters were holding midday prayers on lands near the Israeli wall, protestors then marched up to the wall. Troops fired tear gas at protesters causing many to suffer from tear gas inhalation. Activists managed to raise Palestinian flags before troops forced them back.

Nearby, in the village Bil’in, a group of Italian supporters joined the villages and marched up to the land the army gave back to the people. When they reached the new section of the wall, soldiers fired tear gas at them, many were treated for tear gas inhalation. Soldiers also fired live rounds  but no injuries were reported. Some trees also caught fire when troops fired tear gas bombs near to them.

Last month Israel removed the old wall built on villager’s property after six years of weekly protests by the people of Bil’in. The rerouting of the wall gave back the farmers half of the land taken by the military.
Also in central West Bank, In al-Nabi Salleh, villagers and their Israeli and international supporters marched to local farm lands Israel took to build a new settlement. Troops attacked protesters with tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets. Soldiers then arrested three Palestinians and one Israeli and clashed with local youth while attacking people homes with tear gas, many were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation.

International Solidarity Movement -   20 July 2011

Arrested and beaten yet Palestinians remain in prison

Today, Friday 15 of July, the Israeli army violently repressed the weekly non-violent demonstration of the Palestinian city of Nabi Saleh. During the repeated attacks on the peaceful demonstrators four activists were arrested: two Palestinians, one Italian and one Israeli.  The following is the testimony of the Italian activist.

The main demonstration lasted under 3 minutes. Three Palestinians blindfolded themselves behind a wooden structure covered in barbed wire, to symbolise the imprisonment of all the Palestinians in Israeli prisons which is illegal under international law.  As soon as the demonstrators appeared in the soldiers view, a barrage of tear gas hit them and they were dispersed. The first Palestinian was arrested in the course of the morning (not sure about the second Palestinian and the Israeli). Around five in the afternoon they attacked a group of people that took part in the demonstration in the morning but that at that moment was just standing by. I was sitting a little further away from the group. The soldiers were out to get anyone who participated in the demonstration, regardless of whether they did anything illegal, so I did not have any other choice but to run. A soldier came after me. I stepped on a wrong spot and fell down, injuring my right leg.

The soldier caught me and put his knee over me to prevent me from running. After a few moments I was surrounded by soldiers. One of them took my left hand and twisted it for no apparent reason other than to intimidate me since I was already incapable of fleeing. They handcuffed me using a plastic zip lock, pulled me on my feet and asked me why I was running. I answered that I know that they routinely arrest people for doing nothing illegal and I did not want to be taken. They started leading me to their jeep and at that point I started asking where I would be taken. They were not answering me so I decided to resist what was an arbitrary and unjustified arrest. I shouted that I am an Italian citizen and I have the right to know where I am going to be taken.

Read the rest of his account here.

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