Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Julia Gillard set to reject Kevin Rudd on Palestine” The Australian 11Aug11 August 13, 2011

The Australian:  ” Julia Gillard set to reject Kevin Rudd on Palestine” by John Lyons and Mark Dodd, 9 August 2011

In re-iterating that “we are long-standing supporters of a two-state solution”  Prime Minister Julia Gillard declines to acknowledge that it is Israel that has unilaterally destroyed this solution by its ongoing illegal colonisation of what should have become the Palestinian state in this two-state solution.

In re-affirming “we are long-standing supporters of Israel’s right to exist behind secure borders” Gillard ignores the fact that Israel continues to expand outside its borders and she shows a distinct lack of support for the indigenous Palestinian right to exist in peace and security in their homeland.

Calling for a negotiated solution between the occupier and the occupied, which has singularly failed after twenty years of stalling by Israel, while it continues to create facts on the ground in order to shift the goal posts, is a dishonest avowal of  “even-handedness”.

What the Palestinians need is for this injustice to be resolved within the framework of international law and binding UN resolutions – something which Israel and its unconditional supporters have managed to forestall for decades.

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